Welcome to Firalis

Firalis is a biotechnology company with a mission to create novel values via biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification that ultimately leads to biomarker-based diagnostics.

With a comprehensive expertise in the field, Firalis develops biomarkers and biomarker-based diagnostic kits to improve disease outcomes, patient comfort and therapeutic decisions; and finally to generate remarkable savings in healthcare, which is the principal goal of biomarker services offered by Firalis.

Our activities, mainly but not exclusively, involve biomarkers that are related to inflammatory disorders including common diseases such as atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis or rare/orphan diseases such as systemic or autoimmune

Why Firalis?

Firalis provides comprehensive services integrated into all levels of biomarker activities. These services are amenable to customization according to customers’ needs. Flexible stratification at scientific and technical levels supports biomarker discovery, validation, evaluation

Who we are?

Firalis is involved in several large scale project for the qualification of biomarker in various clinical applications and plays a central role as well in the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU) Safer and Faster Evidence-based Translation of biomarkers,

What we do?

Firalis is striving to develop bioanalytical tools meeting the highest standards for our customers. Our “State the Art” products are designed and processed in our GMP compliant production facility (ISO13485), the international norm for medical device manufacture.


In order to achieve advances for unmet medical needs, innovation is the highest priority at Firalis. We know that our financial success will be in parallel with the contribution that we bring to drug development


The successful implementation of a biomarker endpoint is highly dependent on the availability of assays reliably measuring markers in biological samples. While a large number of assays are on the market